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Desmond and Enzo | Month 2

DSC_3931DSC_3950DSC_4016DSC_3998DSC_3928DSC_39112 whole months with the little loves. They are loving, playful and light up with a smile simply by hearing our voices.  We can easily tell them apart (when we’ve had more than an hour of sleep) by their facial features and distinct cries.

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Mischievous Smiles


I have a feeling these little cuties are going to be mischievous in a few months. Happy weekend!

Hello Fall

IMG_8220.JPG The boys are ready for their first fall season!


BD_FW14_MD_WHISTLER_CLOSE_2 BD_FW14_MD_JAIPUR BD_FW14_MD_MASAIA few shots from our Mommy + Me shoot last week.  Starring Kristina from Simply Stunning and her little one.


0157MJw 0150MJw 0161MJwI’m so proud of the family of 4 we’ve created in the last 4 years.  Love you TDH.

Desmond and Enzo | Month 1

DSC_3408_2_2 DSC_3412_2 DSC_3416 DSC_3359_2 DSC_3059_2We made it to 1 month!  Enzo and Desi have stolen out hearts. It took a village of family and friends bringing us meals, holding the babies while mom took a nap and brewing an insane amount of coffee.  As anyone with a new baby knows, never turn away help, it was the only way we got through the first month!

Get Bendy

aloimage via alo

Maternity | 32 Weeks

20140525-LSP-6820140525-LSP-9220140525-LSP-4320140525-LSP-3820140525-LSP-137My friends and family spoiled me with a maternity shoot at the Saratoga mountain winery at 32 weeks.  The location was perfect and I’m thrilled to have pictures to remember my pregnancy journey with Enzo and Desmond.  My favorite photos are with the whimiscal bed my sister set up and adorned with flowers.  She also made a gorgeous floral crown with Hollyhock growing in her backyard.  We kept the make-up and hair light to go along with the outdoor location.  Thankfully the rattlesnakes left us in peace!

Photoshoot styled by: Simply Stunning Weddings and Events | Photography by: LightSplash | Hair by: Alli Dunnam | Make Up by: Kimberly Machphee | Floral Crown by: Simply Stunning Weddings and Events | Location: Saratoga Mountain Winery

Creme dress: Free People | Cowboy boots: Seychelles | Cut Off shorts:  Destination Maternity



And a few iphone images.

IMG_6055 IMG_6060 IMG_6057

World Series Beach Volleyball 6 Man Winners in BORELLI

image image_1

Congratulations to the 6 man winners of World Series of Beach Volleyball: Holly’s Amazons!

Looking good in our Active Performance scarves.

Holly McPeak, Katie Carter, Amanda Dowdy, Ana Paula Henkel, Emily Stockman, Chelsea Hayes, Christal Engle, Sheila Shaw, Keao Burdine, Leah Hinkey, Traci Weamer

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Meet Desmond and Enzo

desmond enzo 1 desmond enzo 2 desmond enzo 3Our handsome little men have arrived!  Desmond Will and Enzo Lucca welcome to the world.

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