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Inspiration | Bruce Lee


Drive | 408K Race Recap 2014

IMG_4854The 408k 2015 Race is only a few days away!  Here is a look back at last year’s race.  I was 5 months pregnant and my cousin Rachel just had a baby so we took the course slower than usual.  This year I’ll be running with the twins and my go-to running stroller, the Bob Flex Duallie.

Why I love the 408k:

– benefits the Pat Tillman Foundation

– Mariachi Mile keeps you going during the last mile

– 4.3 miles is just the right distance for a new mom

– relatively flat

– runs right past my mom’s house!

Anyone else running this weekend?

IMG_4850 IMG_4829 IMG_4856 IMG_4849

Drive | Yoga | Mata Chica Resort

DSC_0417 DSC_0418 DSC_0419 DSC_0428 DSC_0429 DSC_0430Namaste friends.


Desmond WillI mean . . . they drive me crazy all day long and then when they are sound asleep I can’t help but stare at their pictures.  Desmond, 5 months old.

Destination | Coney Island

coney_island_pan_photosConey Island back when I had a non-digital camera.  This must have been 20 years ago!  ;)

Inspiration | Bruce Lee


Working with a View

This was my Valentines Day. The boys were in a good mood so I snuck outside while TDH kept an eye on the twins.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 20 minutes alone with a new freelance project and a gorgeous sunset.

Borelli | Spring 2015 Inspiration

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Santa Cruz December





Santa Cruz is just far enough away to feel like we are on vacation but it’s close enough to pick up and leave on a moments notice.

Drift – What to Wear Wine Tasting

I prefer boots when wine tasting.  You never know when the owner may invite you to walk the vineyard.  Tasting rooms can be a makeshift cave or an outdoor patio so come prepared with lots of layers.  Most importantly, wear something cute.  With the gorgeous scenery you are bound to take a photo or two.
Outfit Details:
Boots / Crimson Mim – Socks / Ralph Lauren – Scarf / Drift by Borelli – Purse / Penney’s – Bomber Jacket / Forever 21

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