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4th of July Accessories

BD_4TH_JULY_14We are celebrating a holiday weekend over here in the USA.  At Borelli we love our red, white and blue and we offer plenty of patterns and stripes for your summer getaways.  Cheers to a safe 4th of July!

Drift 18 | 36 Weeks

CSC_0832 CSC_0828 CSC_0823 CSC_0824_2 CSC_0822 CSC_0820 CSC_0818 CSC_0815I’m one week away from my delivery date!  Can’t believe we get to meet the boys in just 7 days.

Thanks for the pictures Kristina.

H&M Bathing suit top, Calypso St Barth Sequin Shorts, Panama Hat (I’m loving this brand lately)

Summer Hues

2go_summer_huesA quick summer color palette from Borelli.  Happy official summer!

Drift 17 | Summer Wedding

IMG_4007 IMG_3993 DSC_0699 DSC_0704 DSC_0688 DSC_0683 DSC_0680 DSC_0635Drift 17 | Summer Wedding

Anthropologie (similar found here) Dress, Kenneth Cole Chunky Heels, Elizabeth Cole Bracelet, Gardenhead Floral Crown Goddess


10456026_887818041245315_7050258775471633503_n 10462866_887817791245340_527562313252463958_n 10425190_887817824578670_2787122555538023282_n 10388677_887817884578664_4602415310571949766_n 10458877_887817957911990_1368197639653642072_nCongratulations to Kerri Walsh and April Ross for winning gold in last weekend’s Moscow Grand Slam.  Kerri wears a Borelli Active Performance Sarong in Green Apple and Indigo.  Shop the active collection here.

Good luck in Berlin this week, you two are rockstars!

Wine Tasting Casablanca Chile












I miss wine tasting!  I have a few more weeks until the twins are due and I am looking forward to my first glass of red.  Here are a few pictures from my trip to Chile.  We tasted the local grapes of Casablanca, ate way too much cheese, ceviche and prosciutto (another item I am looking forward to tasting post-delivery).  What’s your favorite varietal from Chile?

Press | Kerri Walsh & April Ross in Borelli at AVP St Pete

IMG_6186IMG_6156IMG_6152IMG_6150IMG_6148 IMG_6149IMG_6151IMG_6147IMG_6171

Congratulations on your big win Kerri & April!

Kerri wears: Borelli Active Sarong in Ruby
April wears: Borelli Active Sarong in Black
Shop Borelli’s Active collection here.

Nursery Inspiration

5809edfbdfeef8a839a0433ed6b0f7ca05201e8e1486679d3bf14732ce71d9c8 a216cb4e59c8d661e18ad5bf9a82736b eef2cce3fc19faa9e2af64b806771067 1b35d93b290b9db89dda21749178d9b7 fdc9ad6af88c037c63b70c859588587f 9985e68d6ee585bd32f7b962306dfd49 5a685fe84aaffb97b19a8deb41e7bc48 c66bf4d06df6e1196e71237cbee791e3 71183bdc1606293c208d6d5c0aebb3a0 d7034aef4fc0ef0970dc034a8a20ae65 dde5d5b49fb89b35d193cd986e73e414 79f4ac88e6e33871109042a33536af7fcbb2ebb6aa60388abed12bd2a1546205Desmond and Enzo’s nursery is almost finished.  We have most of the furniture set up, clothes are washed and organized by month (0-3, 3-6, 9-12, etc) but we still need to hang the artwork.  Until I’m ready to share pictures of our finished nursery here are some images I used for inspiration.  Our theme was originally jungle but then we found ourselves drawn towards the nautical theme too.  So, I combined both!  Two boys deserve two themes.

Maybe it’s because I’m already trying to make sure we treat them as individuals instead of twins (the advice I’ve heard from EVERY multiple mom I’ve spoken with.)  We stopped referring to them as the twins when I was about 20 weeks along.  Are any of my readers twin moms or dads?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

All images can be found here.

High Protein Peanut Butter Banana Bread


High Protein Peanut Butter Banana Bread
Recipe type: Bread
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Perfect for a breakfast on the go! This banana bread is full of protein thanks to the peanut butter + quinoa flour combo. It also has a high level of iron because of the addition of molasses (which gives it a delicious caramel flavor).
  • 1 cup quinoa flour
  • 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1½ teaspoons baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon fine salt
  • 8 tablespoons unsalted butter (1 stick), melted, plus more for coating the pan
  • ½ cup coconut sugar
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 2 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 1½ cup mashed very ripe banana (about 4 medium bananas)
  • ⅔ cup unsalted chunky natural peanut butter (no sugar added)
  • ⅓ cup honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp molasses
  • ⅓ cup almond milk
  1. Heat the oven to 325°F and arrange a rack in the middle. Coat a 9-by-5-inch metal loaf pan with butter; set aside.
  2. Place the flour, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl and whisk to aerate and break up any lumps. Set aside.
  3. Place the measured butter and both sugars in a large bowl and whisk to combine. Add the eggs, banana, peanut butter, honey, molasses and vanilla and whisk until smooth.
  4. Add half of the reserved flour mixture and stir with a rubber spatula until just combined. Add half of the milk and stir until just combined. Repeat with the remaining flour mixture and milk, stirring until just combined.
  5. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and smooth out the top. Bake until the bread begins to pull away from the sides of the pan and a wooden skewer inserted into the center comes out clean, about 70 to 75 minutes.
  6. Transfer the pan to a wire rack to cool slightly, about 10 minutes. Run a knife around the perimeter of the pan and turn the bread out onto the rack to finish cooling. (Or serve it warm, with honey butter if desired.) Once completely cooled, store it in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 4 days.

DSC_0731 DSC_0735 DSC_0728

Dig | May Garden Update

IMG_6089IMG_6074 IMG_6088We moved into this house mid-January and by about March I planted a few rows of seeds.  After some success I supplemented with seedlings bought at Big Ranch Farm nursery in Napa, Whole Foods, OSH & Home Depot.  We have a great system down, TDH sets up the irrigation while I get my hands dirty.  I could spend every evening out in the garden but this twins baby bump is getting in the way!  Hence the weeds . . . good thing I like my garden a bit overgrown.  Alright let’s get to what we are growing shall we!?

This year we planted:

Heirloom tomato (8 varieties), kohlrabi, kale (Red Russian, Tuscan or Dinosaur, Curly), corn, strawberries (Seascape & a generic), mustard greens, cucumbers (lemon, regular & Armenian – my fav!), banana peppers, red peppers, lettuce (Bibb, Red Sails, Red Curly leaf, Romaine), bok choy, onions (walla walla, red), brussell sprouts, fennel, beets (golden, chiogga) and plenty of herbs (basil, pineapple sage, regular sage, cilantro, parsley, pineapple mint, lemon thyme).   We also inherited a few fruit trees, golden plum, apple, & grapefruit.

Sidenote: Who has a great recipe for grapefruit for someone who hates the taste of grapefruit!?IMG_6078 IMG_6076 IMG_6075IMG_6099 IMG_6098 IMG_6091 IMG_6097Just last month the garden looked like this!  It’s amazing what a lot of sunshine and a little water can do.  For June we’ll be harvesting the season’s first tomatoes, kohlrabi, kale, and sweating over the stove canning plum jam.


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